The Socialites are young people in schools or who have recently transitioned to adult support services who have learning disability, autism or complex needs.

Our approach is the same regardless of who we work with – we listen to the individual and work out what’s important to them.

We respond to individual needs and circumstances. This can’t happen without famillies and staff who support the person – it’s essential we work in context of individual circumstance.

Some of our work happens in mainstream and specialist schools, in collaboration with learning support staff and additional support needs teachers. We work with transition teams, day services and residential support. We go where the young person is.

Our extensive network of artists and specialists complement what health, education and social care offers young people by bringing time and flexibility often longed for in public services. We develop a sense of team, with a specific aim set by the young person.

Sustaining the bits that work is only possible when you work in partnership with others. we value everybody’s contribution and aim for long lasting outcomes by knowing what supports the young person has beyond our involvement.

For more information on any of this work, please contact

Kara Christine


0131 229 3555