Ailsa Hamilton is a future screenwriter for film. Ailsa didn’t want to undertake a degree course in film and screenwriting, so needed a different route into the industry.

With funding from the National Lottery Year of the Young Person, she’s been working with a screenwriting and story consultant to develop her script ‘Bunny’.

Here’s Ailsa and her mentor Victoria Evans speaking about their time together.

Prior to meeting Victoria, I had a few script ideas that I was wanting to expand on and hopefully one day get made. Artlink introduced me to Victoria Evans who is a story consultant. I work with Victoria once a month and she has helped me massively understand how to structure and make my film better. I enjoy meeting with Victoria as she knows a lot about the industry and makes me more excited about what future of film could hold for me. I hope to carry on working with Victoria and maybe one day be able to make my film and more.

Victoria Evans is a scriptwriting mentor who supports writers for film, TV and theatre.

I felt Ailsa showed from the very beginning that she had an excellent instinct for what makes a story dramatic, as well as a brilliant visual imagination. She has great enthusiasm for Hollywood feature films and is interested in exploring both the writing and directing sides of film making. Between each meeting Ailsa has embraced the various challenges I’ve set her and she has always found creative ways to respond to my story notes.
Over the past six months we have been woking on Ailsa’s original feature film idea ‘Bunny’ in order to showcase Ailsa’s distinctive voice as a writer and to help develop her screenwriting skills.
Initially we worked on a extended synopsis/story document and Ailsa has already succeeded in crafting a strong narrative arc for her main character and in making the overall plot stronger and more credible. She has also been learning about different approaches to writing dialogue and finding out what works best for her. All this preparatory work on the story has given her a good foundation to work from and Ailsa is now forging ahead with writing the first draft of the script itself.
Ailsa will showcase her work once it’s ready to be shared with the world. Watch this space!