David has two main interests – mountain biking and woodcraft –  he struggles to engage in full time learning but is extremely motivated to learn, and creates projects around his skills at home. School contacted us to see if we could work together to create opportunity for him.


Artlink found a photographer and graphic designer (who also loves cycling) to help build an online portfolio about his mountain biking. This platform will allow him an online presence to connect with others, and showcase himself. David is already undertaking mountain bike leadership training, and having a blog will help promote himself to this community. Artlink’s network of artists can help with photography, film editing and graphic presentation.


David’s other passion is in wood craft, so we’ve matched him to a woodworker who will support the development of his portfolio of crafted knife handles and wooden cheeseboards. Working from his shed at home, the artist will introduce new projects, and a placement within a furniture maker locally.

Our focus is the young person, however The Socialites cannot work in isolation. We work in close partnership with family, teaching and support staff to understand the sorts of networks necessary to open up new opportunity for the long term.


Follow David on Instagram @david-hulton and @david_hulton_woodworking

David has his Youtube channel Mountain Biking Manya