Calli really wanted to train as a tattoo artist but as she had been out of school for a number of years, she needed a gradual return to learning to prepare for an apprenticeship. She wanted to try out tattoo artistry and special effects make up, so we set her up with artists, initially working from home then in the Artlink studio.

Calli worked with a make up artist to build up skills in using latex. Her skills were evident, and the make up artist felt quite quickly that she was ready for a commercial work experience. A band she knew needed a new photo shoot for their new album, so Calli and Rachael Forbes created a portfolio of work which was photographed professionally.

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Calli has also been working alongside a tattoo artist to develop drawings, stencils and designs on paper and using a professional tattoo machine on artificial skin (available from Amazon!!!).

She’s working from home and in a new art group to build a portfolio of drawings as evidence for an eventual apprenticeship when she’s old enough and has visited the Tattoo Artist Convention to build personal networks of professionals in the field.

The Socialites works in partnership with family and other organisations as we understand we are a one one part of a bigger picture of people who will support Calli to reach her goals.