Creative Inclusion

I don’t want to choose from what’s available, I want to choose what’s right.

We think that young people want to belong to something on their own terms, rather than for inclusion for inclusion sake. We aim to create experiences built on a detailed understanding of who someone is, and what circumstances allow them to be their best selves.

Our work with younger people often involves imaginative play where personality, humour or impromptu exchanges give us ways to interact positively.

Within secondary aged young people, especially for those who may have not attended school for long periods of time, we offer ways to take unique interests to the next level wherever they are comfortable, often beginning at home to begin with. Young people let us know when they feel able to take the step to try something new.

We work with falconers, illustrators, drama specialists, electric guitarists, coders, gamers, gymnasts, photographers, tattoo designers, theatrical costume designers, water skiers or anyone the young person needs us to find.