We met Liam years ago when his social worker contacted us about someone who loved drawing Sonic the Hedgehog, and was interested to do some animation. Liam was involved in the Socialites initially to have one to one animation workshops in our studio in Mayfield, with artist Emma Bowen. They used to meet fortnightly on Saturdays, where Liam eventually used to walk up on his own to meet her, giving mum a bit of time to do her own thing.

Liam’s drawing skills are second to none.

He created this animation in a matter of moments.

The sessions in the studio were good, but Liam wanted to socialise with others who liked drawing, so we fundraised to create a small youth club based on animation. This happened because we were able to work with Midlothian Libraries and Barnardos, with some funding from the Scottish Library Service and the Lottery Year of the Young Person.

It was important to create a small club with the right support, so we involved Liam and his friends at school to design it from scratch. It needed to be friendly, not too many people and in a safe space. They called the club Au-some squad.

Here’s an animation he made at the club.

Since then, Liam has done some work experience with Artlink as part of his school work experience week, and made an animation for a local taxi company, Loanhead Chauffeur Drive. Here’s Liam on a site visit, and the brief he used to create a film for their social media channels.

So here’s what he created with animator Tyler Carrigan from Edinburgh College of Art.

This project is funded by Midlothian Council, National Lottery Year of the Young Person and Scottish Library Innovation Fund.