Jordan is a young person who enjoys being active and having a laugh but she struggles to find groups or activities that allows her to just be herself.  We began to work with Jordan and her school teaching staff to identify the ingredients of a successful group that would work for her.

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Artist Kevin McPhee and Max Alexander and Jordan began to work together with support of teaching staff.

Kevin described this new venture as a ‘freefall session of intense disco, impromptu snapchat filtered craziness where nobody knows where she’ll lead me to next

Sessions are devised from almost nothing e.g. a yoga ball and torches revitalises a dark room, a disco takes place in a cupboard, lip sync challenges from favourite pop playlist.

Sometimes these sessions feel more like a cardio workout and everyone is exhausted. Other times its about pretending to sing to pop, or have a dance. The important thing is to experiment by making something new happen every week.

“Kevin is crazy”    Jordan

This might currently be a small scale project – but what if we managed to use all this research to create something that fits in school and beyond? A school karaoke booth, a lip sync contest or Jordan DJ Disco.

Play Radical’s Max Alexander has developed cartoons about their imaginative play sessions as Jordan loves to look back on what they’ve done each week. They published a book of their work.


“You bring something different – you allow her to express herself, use her imagination and expressiveness.  This is helpful because we can see her making decisions, having a laugh, trying new things. We can add to what we know works and include others, which will help expand opportunities for the future.”

Teaching Support Staff

Artlink are working with school, social work and The Richmond Fellowship Scotland to apply what we’ve learned over the years to develop a bespoke adult service for Jordan using activity she has shown us that works.