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Aiden has a unique talent in sound production and digital music technology.  Adapting music and sound is what Aiden does – he’s an inventor of new words and sounds that feel good. Aiden is blind and has autism.

We started working with Aiden when he was 9. Aidens skills are inherited from both of his parents, his mum is a professional singer and his dad is a computer engineer. His family wanted him to explore sound in greater detail making links to other interests that are important to him. Aiden composes by singing, playing piano and using sound production equipment like loopers and mixers. So, we introduced him to Marcin Pietroszewski, a digital composer from Edinburgh University.

They started ‘drawing’ in sound using a graphics tablet, make field recordings with high quality microphones. They are currently designing something Aiden can use longer term, which is a sound editing interface using Bela technology. Aiden’s specifications for the design are very particular, and Marcin will adapt the technology to Aidens requirements.

To ensure relevance and connection to Aiden’s wider interests we have involved family and school in the work. This keeps us on track,  checking back with those who know him.

This frees up  Aiden’s parents to spend time with their other two children, happy in the knowledge he’s learning and developing something that is important to him.

“I like it, I like making sound, it just feels good, I bring in stuff and Marcin and I make stuff with it. I just like making up sounds, numbers. It’s fun.”


“When he comes home, he’s happier as he’s done something expressive. It’s great he has something which asks nothing more of him, than to do what motivates him. It’s brought on a new level of skill for himself in terms of using recording devices, working with someone who shares the same processes and material as he does. It’s been something that has allowed him to be him, taking that skill to a new level. It’s rare to have something which doesn’t require him to be anybody else but himself.” 

Vicky and Robbie Murray, Aiden’s parents