Some people like Katie are just naturally gifted at what they choose to do.

We met Katie and were blown away by her talent. She has the skills of a professional make up artist, but lacks the confidence. We offered her sessions with Rachel Forbes, a professional make up artist to build up her portfolio of work. We offered her different opportunities to learn new make up techniques. She was so adept at it, that her work was featured on the webpage of the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art after she created a make up response to the work of pop artist Roy Lichtenstein.

We worked with Katie throughout school, which wasn’t always plain sailing. Katie has found the past few years difficult. Throughout it all, we have remained a constant, she’s still creating new work in Rachael’s studio and sometimes they go to the theatre or cinema to be inspired.

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This work is funded by Better Breaks, Scottish Government’s Autism Innovation Fund and Midlothian Council.